Nobility International

Humanitarian Fund

The NIHF is a fund established by the Nobility International humanitarian organization. Its purpose is to fund the Nobility’s  humanitarian operations whose aims are to correct all global issues without exception. The creation of Perfect Society is the mission of the Perfectionment intellectual movement.

Noblesse  Oblige


The NIHF is currently in active development and while we cannot accept donations until at least 2022, pledges can be made to the NIHF at any time.

Notice: Silence Is Violence

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, & professional / corporate / politicial corruption to OSIC.

The Age of Beauty

Nobility International System* & Causes

Globalism, International Law, World Peace (NIPAC)

International Security (NISI)


Green Urban Development (Environmental Protection Program)

green urban development

IUBI: International Universal Basic Income (NIDA)


Canadian Leadership for UN Statehood (INCEP)

Global Climate Crisis

Anti-Hate, Anti-Defamation, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Disinformation (OSIC)


Aristodemia (NISF)

Global Climate Crisis

Workers’ Rights (NIHELP)

Global Climate Crisis

Perfectionment Artistic Standards (NIAE)


* List is not comprehensive of all Nobility International entities


The Nobility welcomes all Aristophiles (allies of the Noble community) from all races, faiths and backgrounds to progress and join us in the Age of Beauty to correct global issues and perfect the preservation of humanity and its home.


History's Greatest Alliance


According to the Nobility, “The Nobles will be the vanguards of this global leap forward, and a dangerous fringe of Aristophobic extremists will resent the Nobles for their international leadership, but without that leadership, we will simply not be able to come together as a world community and correct the errors of the world.”


Bigotry has no place in society and aristophobia is no exception. Hate is hate is hate and it will never go away unless it is constantly and systematically singled-out, called-out, and stamped out. Sadly, history stops for no one. Such frustrated radicals will remain down in the bowels of the contemporary age – the Age of Hate.


The Nobility welcomes Aristophiles from all over the world to join us in history’s upward march on the Age of Beauty – the stairway to Perfect Society. The Perfectionment has begun.


Are you on the right side of history? The world is watching and the cameras are rolling; your name will not be forgotten. Your actions will be remembered and your legacy will be left behind – no matter what that legacy is. Will you leave one behind you can be proud of?


That is entirely up to you.